Flying International Consulting Group Ltd.

About Flying International Consulting Group Ltd.
Permit Categories : Student visa, Employment Visa, Business Visa, Citizenship
Country : China

Flying International Consulting Group Ltd. is registered under Ontario Corporation Act, is a Limited corporation. It is authorized by Canada government to apply immigration services to the public. In order to meet the growing demand for quality immigration consulting services in China, we set up our branch offices in Shenzhen and Changchun of P.R.China and both branches have been granted professional credential (immigration license) by the Authority of Chinese government. We also have representative offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dongguan, Jilin, Dalian, Dandong, and Taiyuan. Within Canada we have representative offices in major cities, such as Vancouver, Regina, Saskatoon and Charlottetown. You can settle up in any place of Canada with a full range of services.

Flying International Consulting Group Ltd. Team of sophisticated professionals consists of registered Canadian Immigration Consultants, registered immigration lawyers, Certified Accountants. Together, this team delivers professional services in the areas of case designing, document processing and final audit. Within the past five years, Flying International Consulting Group Ltd. has helped thousands of families successfully immigrate to Canada, specifically through the business immigration program. Flying International Consulting Group Ltd. is well known among its immigration applicants for its honesty, integrity, professionalism, efficiency and high success rate.

Chief consultant introduction:
Ms. Lilly Zhao, the Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant (CCIC), registered Member of Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC), registered member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC), and is a fellow of the Institute of Immigration Canada (CMI). Lilly Zhao graduated from the Jilin University Law School in 1992, Bachelor degree of Law. She also graduated from Post-Graduated Institute of Jilin University, Master degree of Law in 1995. She practiced law in China over 10 years and moved to Canada. In Canada, she continues to work in the law field and got an immigration practitioner certificate from the Seneca College. She met all CSIC requirements and was approved as a registered good standing Member by CSIC in 2007.

Flying International Consulting Group Ltd. provides professional and extensive consulting services for immigration applicants. Our company services are the following:

Study in Canada category:
Off-campus Work Permit ,Post-graduate Work Permit,Student visa extension,Restoration status of students.

Foreign Work Permit category :
Temporary Foreign Worker Program , Live-in Caregiver Program.
Temporary Visa Category:
Business visitor visa, U.S. visa, Tourist visa .
Immigration category:
Entrepreneur, Investor(Federal and Quebec), PNP Business Immigration, Skill Worker (Includes AEO), Canadian Experience Class.
Business in Canada :
PR Card Renew, Citizenship Application, Sponsorship appeal, Simple Divorce, Check immigration file, Certified copy of landing paper, All kinds of Notarized documents.
Flying International Consulting Group Ltd. has worked hard to build reputable and honest relationship with the Canadian Federal government, Immigration Bureau, Embassy and Consulate Generals, and many higher education institutions. Flying International will help more and more Chinese Immigration applicants immigrate to Canada and to successfully integrate into Canadian life.


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