January 24 Celebrate 'Help Change a Pet's Life Day'


"Any excuse for a celebration" is my motto. But with the abundance of so many great celebratory events devoted entirely to pets, I often find it hard to keep up with them all.

Without a doubt, it goes without saying that one of my favorites is "Bring your Pet to Work Day". I work at home, so I am always taking our cats to work. What I enjoy most about this festive event is not having to get all gussied up and fussing with my hair and makeup. But to keep the spirit of this special day alive at my "place of business" and to ensure that our kitties don't feel left out, I always give them a little extra pampering.

 "National Dress Your Pet Up Day" was recently celebrated this past January 14.  Looking ahead to some of the coming attractions for the next few months; in February many pet guardians will participate in "Pet Dental Month", with cat lovers paying special attention to "Hairball Prevention Day", that famous feline festival occurring on April 30. 

Fortunately, however, a friend sent me a reminder that "Change a Pet's Life Day" is celebrated on Thursday, January 24. This auspicious day is set aside to offer animal lovers ideas and suggestions about how we can make a huge difference in the lives of our needy fur friends.

Below are some ways in which we can help:

1.       Thinking about adding a new companion animal into your family? Adopt a pet on January 24. Many pet shelters across the country will celebrate by offering incentives, like free vaccinations and no adoption fees.

2.       Volunteer to give your time to help change a pet's life. Animal shelters greatly need dog lovers to walk dogs to help socialize them teach them manners. Cat lovers can contribute their love and gentle touch to comfort kitties waiting for adoption.

3.       Spend some time helping clean cat and critter cages. Your help may be needed to transport animals to off-site adoption events. Helping potential adopters to select the most suitable pet is a highly rewarding experience.

4.       Many homeless pets living at your local shelter are scared and confused. Some have been mistreated by the human they loved and trusted most. To help them heal emotionally, become a pet "foster pawrent". Your help is needed for the many homeless dogs and cats who may not be totally ready for placement in a permanent loving home. Your love, patience and compassion can greatly facilitate their adoption.

5.       If your furry family member needs medication, ask your veterinarian for a prescription. Until recently, pet owners had to purchase medications directly through their veterinarians. Many prescriptions can be filled at your local pharmacy and in many cases at a savings of up to 80%.

6.       Visit APAW for a list and tips for local retailers who carry generic pet medications. The Advocacy for Pets and Affordable Wellness was recently established to educate pet owners about convenient ways to save money on pet healthcare. Their website offers a list of local retailers offering lower-cost, affordable over-the-counter and prescription medicines. For pet pawrents wanting to stay at the forefront of their pet's health, the site offers valuable information and suggestions.

What other suggestions can you make to help pet lovers participate in the "Change a Pet's Life Day" celebration? Tell us in a comment.

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