Be a Dog: Writing Your Own Shelter Dog Bio


A local shelter worker posted an intriguing question on Facebook; what would your profile sound like if you were a shelter or rescue dog?

Writing profiles for adoptable dogs is an art form. The author must strike the right balance between complete honesty, glossing over any treatable challenges and highlighting the dog's best attributes. It's critical for potential adopters to know as much history about the dog as possible, like if a dog is good with children, other dogs and cats, but typical issues like potty training often get some spin. A dog that needs help in the potty department might be described as "in training and getting better every day." The dog that's nervous and clingy might be labeled a "loveable Velcro dog."  The high drive dog might be called "energetic and always ready to go for a jog." I'm all for spin as long as the truth doesn't get lost in it, like my customer who was told that she was adopting a crate trained nine-month-old puppy, only to take it to the vet and discover that he's actually a crate-soiling two-year-old.

I created my own shelter dog profile taking this need to spin with honesty into account:

Victoria (1131417803) is a friendly adult mixed breed of German and Austrian descent. She's an unusual combination of high energy and couch potato, so she's game to tackle a few cardio dance classes in a row, but she's equally happy to sit and read magazines with you. Victoria has been through many training classes, and while she excels at the basics, she has trouble sharing, particularly iced sugar cookies. She enjoys the company of all dogs, and though she can be bossy and willful, she always plays appropriately. Victoria passed her temperament tests with cats and children - she's very friendly with both. Are you looking for a silly and slightly weird new best friend? Then come meet Victoria today!

So what about your shelter profile? Can you spin your drawbacks (I'm VERY bossy, I hide sugar cookies so no one else can find them, and I'm definitely weird) and highlight your best qualities? Give it a try and tell us about your attempt in a comment.

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