Brickfree is redefining how SMEs should embrace Business Solutions.
It’s amazingly affordable

You will never outgrow Brickfree software
Pay only for modules you need

Brickfree can help companies with a NEW revenue stream
And increase your current business revenues

Importance of BACKROOM Business Solutions

All highly successful enterprises have great systems and processes in place.

Our modular structure lets you assemble the right system very quickly without compromising what you need.

Importance of FRONT-END Business Solutions

Today’s customers and partners are demanding.

It’s not just about buying off the shelves. They not only wants to know the products , they want to give you feedback, they want to the status of delivery, and they want you to know them.

Our customer-centric business solution may are integrated to your Back Room Solutions.

Brickfree Enterprise Solutions

Our Proprietary Software

Diversification with Brickfree

BRICKFREE is helping business owners WIN in the Digital Economy.

We are not just an IT or Online Service Provider where we charge you for our services. We DO NOT Charge, we work on a revenue share model. We are able to adopt this approach because we have a robust Product and proven Methodologies that can be replicated across many businsses- we call this the BRICKFREE STRATEGY.

It is common knowledge to Business Owners that Inorganic Growth is expensive and difficult to execute. Not only will you require higher upfront investment but you will need a dedicated team to deliver sufficient inertia to make it works. BRICKFREE will be filling this gap.

For some companies, that BRICKFREE STRATEGY is a way to counter disruptions from startups. We like to illustrate how BRICKFREE STRATEGY works on companies of all sizes. Let's consider a couple of situations ....

1. ABC is small florist company who has a retail shop selling flowers in a shopping center or hospital. We may help him set up Gift portal where he will sell other gifts for other Gift providers. He may even consider redirect flowers to other florists who are located near the customers.

2. XYZ is leading flora and hamper provider. We may help him set up global flora & hamper network

There are numerous permutations to how a business can grow using BRICKFREE STRATEGY. If you need More information, please call me for a chat.

Brickfree Marketplace Solutions


Business Solutions is a must have, but may be enough. Solid enterprises have more than multiple revenue streams. You must stay focus and yet you need to diversify.

Brickfree helps you create your digital strategy with our Marketplace solutions.

Check our our thematic marketplaces.

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