Our Services

No one can dispute this is the golden age for entrepreneurs, especially for new online ideas and solutions which leverages on Online Platforms.

It’s also nightmare for many businesses where their Sales are shrinking. 

We have a team of highly skilled IT and marketing people committed to build online businesses. 

Why would you choose Brickfree over other solution providers 

1. We have flexible charging model - service-fee-based, profit share or equity-based. 

2. You can leverage on our marketing reach because we have partners in different industries and countries 

3. We are VERY FAST in delivering the solution 

4. We can assign the rights of our software which can include giving you the source code. 

In short, we are not just another service provider that gets you moving, we are your Accelerator. 

And everyone knows, speed is everything in today’s business.

Email kim@brickfree.com if you are interested in our services

For instant solutions on Mobile websites & Sales Lead Generation - email sales@brickfree.com