Our eMarketplace Services

An eMarketplace is a website focusing on a theme or a community. Typically, an eMarketplace differs from a blog which is usually biased towards the creator of the blog whereas an eMarketplace welcomes  to entire  business community.

The cost of operating an eMarketplace is much lower than most businesses yet it offers tremendous upside.

Brickfree.com seeks Domain Partners to build eMarketplaces where we focus on the Technical platform and Marketing channels .  Using our technical expertise ,  we work closely with Domain Partners to engage the community.

This is a long term commitment and we usually do not provide our expertise on a fee basis.

Email kim@brickfree.com if you are keen to team up with us.

Check out some of the eMarketplaces we are working on ..

Marketplax.com JuzCourses.com JustOnGifts.com GoodiesMap.com JuzEvents.com 1800When.com JuzKids JustOnPets JuzHealth Freelancers JuzTours  JustOnCakes Wedding Planner JuzDeco Event Services JustOnRealEstate HR Circuit AsiaBizMart.com Academic Programmes TodayAccountants.com JuzGolf DigiPaths JustOnFood CatalogOne.com JustOnSports JuzExpats Fightasy JuzExpo TodayRetailer

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